Agraria Petite Diffusers

Agraria Petite Diffusers

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“Agraria diffusers are blended using the highest quality essential and natural oils. These fragrances are true extracts from genuine botanicals and source ingredients. Fragrance can be diffused through the petals of hand-made sola flowers that come to life with color as the oil is drawn up the cotton wick. Or, if you prefer, use the diffuser reeds for a simple, clean look – both are included so the choice is yours. In keeping with the Agraria definition “of the earth” and being environmentally friendly, sola flowers and reeds are crafted from natural materials.” 1.7 fl oz


1 1.7 oz frangrance bottle, one dried sola flower, bundle of petite reeds

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Bitter Orange, Lemon Verbena, Mediterranean Jasmine, Cedar Rose


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